About us

We love driving more than we love cars. We love the pure freedom you get when you disconnect from the confines of the human body and get to explore the speeds and sensations that you can only experience in a car. When a car gives you an unfiltered connection to that experience and really talks to you, it bends perfectly to your will so that you become almost unaware that you’re driving a car — and that’s when we fall in love with it.

A beautiful car is one of the few creations that engenders a deep emotional response in people. There’s something about a car that is alive. To us, that is what makes driving a car exciting — the sounds, the smells and the feeling of being a part of the machine as you are driving it. It’s a completely engaging sensory experience, like no other.

Name of Organization: Royal Car Mats
Mailing Address: 15 County Highway 23, McArthur Ohio 45651 United States.